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A Beloved National Legend

In 1934, a law was passed to require all citizens to have a surname. It was at that time that the Turkish parliament bestowed on Mustafa Kemal the name Atatürk, which means "Father of Turks."  Further, as part of this endowment, the parliament prohibits anyone else from using the name Atatürk.   

Atatürk was only 57 when he died in the morning on 10 November 1938 in the Dolmabahçe Palace, Istanbul, Turkey. He is entombed in Anıtkabir, a 3.7-acre mausoleum in Ankara, Turkey.

Every year throughout Turkey, at 9:05 am on 10 November, people and traffic pause for a moment of respectful silence to remember the passing of their legend and hero.

The Turkish nation holds Atatürk tightly in its heart. When you visit Turkey, you will see countless memorials and statues dedicated to him throughout the country. If you fly in, you will fly into the Atatürk International Airport. There is the Atatürk Dam on the Euphrates River, the Atatürk Bridge over the Bosphorus’ Golden Horn, and the Atatürk Stadium in Istanbul. Universities, schools, boulevards, parks and plazas are named after him. His likeness or his signature is seen on Turkish currency, stamps, school book covers, calendars, banners, merchandise, even tattoos. His portrait is placed in prominent view in public buildings, schools, stores, businesses, and homes. 

The story of his life and accomplishments is such an integral part of Turkey’s history that practically nothing about 20th century Turkey can be presented without mentioning him. He is featured in works of literature and art, and even his quote, “Peace at Home, Peace in the World,” is a national motto.

Icons of gratitude, reverence, and commemoration continue to be proudly displayed by all generations, with no sign of abating. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk is eternally a popular and beloved national hero.



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