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World Leader’s Tributes to Atatürk

World leaders and press pay tribute to Atatürk



“The name of Atatürk reminds mankind of the historical accomplishments of one of the greatest men of this century: His leadership gave inspiration to the Turkish nation, farsightedness in the understanding of the modern world, and courage and power as a military leader. It is without a doubt that another example can not be shown indicating greater successes than the birth of the Turkish Republic, and ever since then Atatürk's and Turkey's broad and deep reforms undertaken, as well as the confidence of a nation in itself.” -John F. Kennedy, US President, Washington DC, November 10, 1963 on the 25th Commemoration of Atatürk's death

“He was a soldier-statesman, one of the greatest leaders of our era. He ensured that Turkey got its rightful place among the most advanced nations of the world. He has given to Turks the sense of self-confidence and endurance to the Turks, that forms the foundation stone of a nation's greatness. I take great pride in being one of Atatürk's loyal friends.” -General Douglas Macarthur, Commander-in-Chief of the Far East Forces, USA

“In connection with the permanent memorial facility for Kemal Atatürk, I take pride in presenting my congratulations to Turkey. Your great country that is advancing on the course that he demonstrated has obtained very significant successes. This ceremony that is being held to commemorate the memory of Atatürk, the architect of progress and Turkish unity, is a very appropriate respect to a person who became a source of inspiration to free peoples throughout the world.” -Dwight D Eisenhower, US President

“During a conversation with the Foreign Affairs Minister of the Soviet Union, Litvinov, I asked him who was, according to him, the most valuable and remarkable statesman of Europe. He replied that, the most valuable and interesting leader in the world was the President of the Turkish Republic, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.” -Franklin D Roosevelt, US President, 1928

“My sorrow is that, it is no longer possible to fulfill my strong wish to meet this great man.” -Franklin D Roosevelt, US President, 10 November 1963 [sic, cited at an Atatürk Commemoration ceremony]

“One of the most talented leaders of the after war period.” -New York Times

“From the stage of the world passed one of the most attentive and attractive men of history.” -Chicago Tribune

“He had an embracing-like extraordinary leadership strength. He was vigilant, energetic, and intelligent.” -Gladys Baker, Reporter



“The death of Atatürk, who saved Turkey during the war and revived the Turkish nation, is not only a loss for his country, but it is also a great loss for Europe. The sincere tears that people from all classes have shed, are nothing more then the true reflection of this great man - the Father of the modern Turkey.  The sincere tears shed after him by all classes of people is nothing other than an appropriate manifestation to this great hero and modern Turkey's Ata.” -Winston Churchill, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, 1938

“We meet genius people very rarely in centuries. It is so unlucky that, in this century that great genius person belongs to the Turkish Nation.  The centuries rarely produce a genius. Look at this bad luck of ours, that great genius of our era was granted to the Turkish nation.” -D Lloyd George, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

“Fifty years before this we heard the name of Mustafa Kemal as a distinguished Turkish Commander. Later, with the establishment of peace, he got the opportunity to put forth his characteristics as a statesman and as one of the great national leaders, he gained one of the most eminent ranks in history. We remember that courageous and heroic soldier with respect and that statesman, the true father of modern Turkey with praise and gratitude.” -Sir Alexander Douglas-Home, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

“Atatürk was one of the greatest statesman of everyone who has lived and died throughout history. At no time did he dwell on the period in which he lived, he would see the future and accordingly would carry out a task.” -Lord Patrick Kinross

“Atatürk is one of the leading statesmen of the after war period. He formed a class on his own and he was unique from all points.” -The Fortnightly

“Europe has lost one of the few creative statesmen that have appeared after the war.” -Spectator

“In our age no name has created such great respect, as has done the name Atatürk.” -Observer

“England salutes the great man, that England has known first as a brave and noble enemy, then as a faithful friend.” -Sunday Times

“He was a no-like other statesman. He achieved works that dictators, who could not endure the free order, did not and could not achieve.” -Word Price

“He has secured a life full of freedom and trust that no prior generation had seen... His successes have made Turkey a European state and changed the Near-East’s history.” -Times Journal

“The Turkish Republic’s Head of State, Kemal Atatürk, embodied in his person the following estimable qualities that we are not used to see in other leaders: modesty, competency and success.” -The Truth Magazine

“Atatürk was a head, which waved like a Turkish Flag in the Turkish People’s soul.” -Daily Telegraph

“The presence of that young and genius Turkish Chief at the Dardanelles at that very moment, is one of the most painful strikes in history to the allied side.” -Alan Moorehead, Writer

“Having not pondered in vain with old sciences, Atatürk was a fresh and brave thinking leader. As we can say that Atatürk is today’s strongest Statesman of Europe, he’s without doubt the most brave and original of all statesmen.” -Herbert Sidebotham, Writer

“To grasp in depth any event, the power to get into immediate action when a way out is seen, is one of the primary sources of his authentic authority (1923).” -Grace Ellison, Journalist



“He was not only a great man for Turkey, but he was also a great leader for the Eastern People.” -Emanullah Han, Afghan King



“The Turkish People are in mourning because they have lost the unique chief who created the New Turkey.” -Stipsi Journal



“He was a man of great ideas, a state architect.” -Neue Freie Presse, Vienna

“Atatürk is such a man that, he does not dream. He knows what he wants, he does what he knows, and he does not want something that he cannot do.”     -Krippel, Austrian sculptor



“Atatürk is the man who created the biggest truth of the twentieth century.”   -Kponhag-Nasyonal Tidende 

“Atatürk is the only statesman who has served his people in that magnitude, in such a short time.” -Libre Belgique Journal



“No country has reached a strong and speedy modernization movement from the root, as was achieved by the Father of the New Turkey.”  -Bulgarian Dness Journal



“Atatürk is an elder and father of the entire Asian continent.” -Chinese Press

“The people of China, we all are in mourning with Turkey. The death of the leader of a great nation, who was much loved by the Turkish people, has not only left an emptiness and void for Turkey, but also for our continent, and the world.” -Chinese Press

“Mustafa Kemal is the heart of a new Turkey. He has built a strong new country from a worn-out nation, and with his unequaled character and energy, he has earned the respect and trust of everyone.” -Ma Shao-Cheng, Writer

“If history had a heart, it surely would be jealous of Mustafa Kemal.” -Tchang Yang Yee Pan Newspaper, 1958



“Atatürk was the giant-like sign of character and talent. He was the man who created the twentieth century’s most splendid event.” -National Tidence Journal



“He was one of the most extraordinary persons of the era, even perhaps of entire history.” -Egyptian Journal



“Atatürk was an extraordinarily talented statesman, one of the most important figures of post-war history.”  -Hufvud Stadbladet Journal



“Because of the 25th year of Atatürk's death, I want to express the feelings of loyal friendship felt for the Turkish nation by the French nation. Today, Turkish history even more than ever is inseparable from Western and European history. Atatürk's efforts in this direction were not left without results. The friendship between our countries that has surpassed hundreds of years, has formed the foundation for this development.” -Charles de Gaulle, President of France

“All of mankind’s signs appear immediately in him.” -Noelle Journal

“While the Old Ottoman Empire disappears like an illusion, the foundation of the national Turkish State is the most impressive success of this era. Mustafa Kemal has exposed a monumental piece of work. Atatürk’s brilliant success has been an example for all the colonies.” -Maurice Baumant, Professor

“He was a great man... a political genius.” -Excelsior Journal

“One of the world’s modern, greatest figures.” -Le Jour-Echo de Paris

“The Turks who are the most loyal of all nations, will never forget that Atatürk was a savior of the nation.” -Noell Roger Journal

“In the great man standing in front of me... there could be no doubt in his words.” -Claude Farrer, Writer

“Today’s Turks... who terrified Europe centuries ago... are standing next to this great master, with a strong and energetic Turkey.” -Pierre Dominique, Journalist

“The man who hanged the centuries!” -France, Paris media

“The work that Atatürk has achieved, with intelligent and peaceful methods, will leave traces in the history of mankind.” -Albert Lebrun, French President

“In a country where all the actual ranks have been removed, this man has won all the ranks. In that country, the most respectful name has been given to him.” -Marcel Sauvage, Journalist

“This could be presented to mankind as an example of untested philosophy. Atatürk has done in ten years, the work that could take centuries.” -Gerrad Tongas, Writer

“Atatürk has shown the miracle of modernizing a nation in a few years.” -Paris-Le Temps

“After the signing of the Ankara Treaty with the new Turkish State, French Prime Minister stated to the Assembly, “he has betrayed us, he has come to terms with wild brigands, with Mustafa Kemal followers: The ones that you named wild brigands the hero Mustafa Kemal and all his soldiers, had they been here, we would have erected their statues one by one. I’m proud to have signed such an heroic treaty.” -Briand, French Prime Minister, 1921

“In turn, a revolutionary and a rebel, then becoming a glorious commander, the “Father of Turks” has created the New Turkey, expelled the sultans, has given freedom to women, abolished the fez, and made a radical revolution in his country.” -Paris-Soir

“It can be said that without him, the Islamic world would have waited another fifty years to find its way.” -Berthe Georges-Gaulis

“He looks like a great mountain. The ones living on its foot cannot see that greatness. In order to grasp the greatness of this mountain, one must look at it from far away.” -Claude Farrer, Writer

“In order to show a part of Kemal Atatürk’s character, I want to make a point. He was relating one of his wars. Suddenly he stopped: you see, he said: I’ve won many victories. But even after the greatest of them each night, I feel a deep sorrow inside of me by thinking about all the soldiers who died in the battlefield. Could one be amazed about the chief who has created miracles to his country, other then his courage and intelligence, to have such a great heart?” -George Bennes, Vu Journal, 1938

“The great thinkers of the period have proclaimed in their books and in conferences that, Turkey would never change and would die without changing. However it has changed without dying. Has even changed from the root and from top to bottom. Beliefs, traditions and methods broke down. They have swept away from the country the last remains like the foreign battleships and capitulations. Turkey had changed its soul. Totally and as one could imagine is possible.” -Raymond Cartier, Le Nouvelliste Journal



“Atatürk has left Turkey without a single enemy. This is something that no other state leader of our time has succeeded in doing.” -German Volkischer Beobachter Journal

“Germany is amazed with Atatürk’s work and struggle. It sees in him, his historic monument, a powerful figure that will stay as a symbol for all the people who love freedom.” -Berlin, German Agency

“He is not a simple dictator who is after personal benefit and glory, but a hero who is trying hard to lay a solid foundation for generations to come.”  -Walter L Wright Jr, Professor

“The ones who want to restore peace and health in this painful world, and who want mankind to develop not only materially but also morally, must take as an example and ponder upon Atatürk’s galvanization and course.”     -Herbert Melzig, Historian

“By looking at his piece of work, which is Turkey, one could judge his historical greatness. This true people’s leader and statesman who has united his iron will and zeal, his intelligence seeing the future and his wisdom, has brought a very different soul to the villages of the far and desolate corners of the Anatolian mountains.” -Illustrierte Magazine

“By maintaining an affection for his people and for mankind and the world, Atatürk shows an exciting stage to the world about what a genius can create.” -Herbert Melzig

“On November 10, the entire world, and we Germans as well, remember with praise the life and works of a person to whom we are attached with friendship and respect. Atatürk always tried to establish firm ties between Turkey and Europe.” -Prof. Ludwig Erhard, Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Germany

“I am the child of a generation that knows closely Turkish-German friendship. At an early age I saw a man's heroism's, the services he carried out and the self-sacrifices he undertook for his country. This man was Mustafa Kemal. Today I comprehend even better that this person was a great statesman. He was great, because he used all his courage for his nation, his country to save his homeland at an unlucky moment. He was great, because he directed his nation towards the absolute necessity of adjusting them to the necessities of history. He was great, because he always knew how to defend suitable limits and he did not go beyond the limits that would put his work into danger. Courageousness and his own courageousness was intelligent enough as well to be able to draw the limits.” -Kurt G Kiesinger, Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Germany



“Turkey is in possession of a genius man that friends and foes are astounded with.” -Katimerini

“In the life of a nation it is very seldom that changes to such a radical degree were carried out in such a short period of time... Without a doubt, those who have done these extraordinary activities have earned the attributes of a great man in the complete sense of the word. And because of this, Turkey can be proud of itself.” -Eleutherios Venizelos, Prime Minister of Greece, October 31, 1933



“Atatürk has been the first man in our century to prove the historical fact which is, “there is nothing that can not be done." -Esti Ujsag.Magjar

“The world has become destitute with the death this great man, the hero of war and peace.” -Pester Lioyd Journal

“I compare Turkey to a beehive and all the Turks to diligent bees looking out for honey. Like the bees who try to gather around their master, the whole Turkish People has gathered around the great genius Mustafa Kemal.” -M Zaajti Franes, Professor



“Kemal Atatürk or Kemal Pasha by which name we knew him in those times, was my hero during my youth. I was very moved when I read about his great reforms. I met with great praise the general efforts made by Atatürk on the course of modernizing Turkey. His dynamism, undauntedness and unawareness of fatigue created a great effect on people. He was one of the builders of the modern age in the orient. I continue to be among his greatest admirers.” -Jawaharlal Nehru, Prime Minister of India

“One of the greatest men that the world has ever seen.” -Star of India

“Atatürk was not only the Turkish people’s leader, but also he was the leader of all the people who fought for their freedom. Under his directives, you have gained your freedom. We too have followed that route to gain our freedom.” -Sucheta Kripalani, President of the Indian Parliament Delegation



“Men like Atatürk are not born for just one generation, nor are they born for just one period. They are persons who will reign during centuries over people with their leadership.” -Teheran Journal

“Atatürk did not stay as a great chief of a heroic people. At the same time, he has become mankind’s biggest child.” -Iran Journal



“The world has lost of the most attention calling man of our era.” -Palestine Post

“Without doubt, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk is one of the greatest statesmen that during the 20. Century and before the war has ever arisen; he has been a brave and great reformist that no other people have ever known.” -Ben Gurion, Israel Prime Minister, 1963



“At the head of a state that he created with his people’s absolute trust till the end of his life, the personality of this glorious commander is the example of a unique character.” -CC Sforza

“With his superior will, his inexhaustible bravery and unique discernment, he has brought down his opponents to their knees. In three years, his virtue and seriousness have brought to his country not only a military, but also a full and satisfactory political victory too.” -F Perrone Di San Martino, Writer

“With the death of Atatürk, an extremely strong figure that was a primary element in the development of the Near-East has disappeared.” -Tribuna Journal



“A confusing and an attractive person. Great as a soldier, greater as a statesman.” -Japan Times

“The greatest leader that the Small Asia has put forward since a century.”  -The Japan Chronicle

 “We feel a great admiration for Atatürk in his efforts towards ensuring the modernization of Turkish society by separating religion and politics from each other and by carrying out the Turkish Language Reforms.” -Hayato Ikeda, Prime Minister of Japan



“Great men are at the head of generations. At the head of the Turkish People, the great and genius Atatürk was an undaunted great and patriotic man in the political and battlefield arenas.” -Kerama, Lebanese Prime Minister, 10 November 1963

“In the true sense of the word, as a constructive and creative leader, Atatürk has drawn an entirely new border to his country on the world’s map.” -’Orient Journal, 1938

“Atatürk is one of the rare geniuses that the world has put forth. He has changed the entire course of history.” -An Nahar Journal, 1938



“In our times, it is Atatürk who brought Turkey to its current status as a modern republic with his farsighted and courageous political, social and economic reforms. At the same time, it was also he that prepared the foundation of the modern economy that will ensure today Turkey's attaining the strength to be able to enter the European Economic Community.” -Joseph Luns, Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Netherlands



“Atatürk will remain as one of the greatest men of his country in history.” -Le Morgen Bladet Journal



“Kemal Atatürk is not only one of the greatest leaders of this century. We in Pakistan see him as one of the greatest men of all times who has lived and died. He is not only the beloved leader of your country. All the Moslems in the world have turned their eyes to him with feelings of love and admiration.” -Muhammed Ayub Khan, President of Pakistan

 “In Pakistan, we see him as one of the greatest men of all eras. A military genius, a leader by birth and a great patriot.” E-yup Han, President of Pakistan

“The exploits of your leaders in many a historic field of battle; the progress of your Revolution; the rise and career of the great Atatürk, his revitalization of your nation by his great statesmanship, courage and foresight all these stirring events are well-known to the people of Pakistan.” -Mohammad Ali Jinnah, March 4, 1948

“When our essence was a spark that grew pale, with his look, we became like a sun that illuminates and envelops the world.” -Ikbal, National Poet of Pakistan



“There is no domain where his creative and vivacious patriotism has not got into action.” -Gazeta Polska



“Atatürk will remain in history as a genius organizer, a people’s ruler creating miracles, and a saviour of his country.” -Independence Romaine Journal, 12 November 1938

“Atatürk ranks the first amongst the rulers who have saved a people with an unshaken will from the edge of the precipice, strengthened and lifted them.”   -Timpul Journal, 12 November 1938



“The ruling of an experienced president who’s fame has spread all over the world, has strengthened with continuing success the independence of the great Turkish people, who have attracted the love and respect of everyone, and have created a new national structure.” -Soviet Prime Minister Kalinin

“We are indebted to him for the birth of the first republic in the Near and Middle East. This Republic showed the way for the wars of national freedom for many nations. Under Atatürk's administration, Turkey's international authority advanced and his country started to play an important role in world politics.”  -Nikita S Khrushchev, President of the Soviet Union

“Mustafa Kemal was not a socialist. But it can be perceived that he is a good organizer, with great understanding, progressive, with good thoughts and an intelligent leader. He is carrying out a war of independence against those plunderers. I am believing that he will break the pride of the imperialists and that he will beat the Sultan together with his friends.”  -Vladimir llyich Lenin, Leader of the Russian Revolution, 1921



“Had he not been, modern Turkey wouldn’t have been. Thanks to him, the Turks will follow his extraordinary work and they’ll promote higher their already high honour in the world.” -Nya Dagligt Journal



“I salute by bowing my head with my deep respects to this Greatest Man of our history, the one who created Turkey.” –Morrf, Professor

“He was not only a soldier, but also a genius that our century will never see again.” -Sekretan, Professor



“By saving his country from a certain dismemberment, after he brought the ship to a safe harbour, he did not want a throne from his people. He was, in the true sense of the word, a man, a unique genius, a heroic soldier and a politician.” -Elifba Journal

“The achievements of Atatürk are in the category of miracle and wonderful. The reforms that he has done in his country in just a few years, are works that cannot be done in a few centuries.” -El Tekaddum Journal



“The Sakarya Battle, the Sakarya Victory became the strongest recollection when I was twenty. At that time I said to myself, I wonder whether or not I can mobilize my country like this? Can I not instill in his spirit this delivering attack, this unreined passion?” -Habib ben Ali Bourguiba, President of Tunisia



“The genius of Atatürk is one of the highest examples of the virtue that the Turkish people have carried all along in history.” -Branko Aczemovic, Ambassador

“History will preserve the name of this statesman with indelible figures.” -Politika Journal



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