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ATASC Past President's Message

Dear Old Friends and New,

I am excited to share with you a rare and historical opportunity.  

The community of Carson has dedicated public green space for an International Sculpture Garden. A ground-breaking ceremony is scheduled for 5 November 2012, and we have been offered an opportunity to establish a monument to commemorate Ataturk and include him as an inspirational leader of the world. This will educate and inspire our young Turkish Americans, as well as the American public, on the greatness of Ataturk and the importance of his role in winning Turkey’s War of Independence, founding the Turkish Republic, and establishing Turkey’s reforms, for which we are all so very grateful.

This will be the first monument on US soil to honor our beloved leader, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, and there is much enthusiasm to have this first, prestigious statue placed in our Los Angeles vicinity.

I believe the value of this project includes:  

1.To honor a hero who changed our world. This monument will communicate and confirm to all that we are proud of Ataturk's and our forefather's incredible accomplishments during very difficult times and under nearly insurmountably difficult conditions.

2.To educate Americans and young Turkish Americans. We believe that Ataturk's story needs to be told and retold, including how he rallied and led a shattered empire in the Turkish War of Independence,  established Democracy, founded the Republic, and established equality for all Turkish citizens, which involved reforming legal, political, education, economic, and social systems, establishing women’s rights, and placing high value on Turkish culture and arts.

3.To have this monument as an educational focal point for the whole community, including for use by speakers and discussion groups.

4.To gather our community together with a team spirit for working on such a popular and noble project with a beautiful result at the end.

5.To have a community gathering point to celebrate national days and other events in the future years.

Please join me in this effort to honor and to commemorate our hero, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.

Dr. Vega SANKUR   

ATASC Past President and Ataturk Monument Project Leader



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